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Welcome to A'lavi

We specialize in producing premium skin care with cross continental ingredients.

For years, we've hand crafted beauty must-haves with expert techniques such as steam distillation, French press brewing, and cold pressing.

For the first time ever, they're available globally, enjoy.

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Sustainablly Sourced

Our Mission

We formulate nutritious skin care with organic and responsibly-sourced produce.

We've partnered with independent, woman-owned, and sustainable suppliers in order to protect the environment from various destructive practices.

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Simply, my skin has never looked better.

Seryah Marie | Owner of Honey Cosmetics |

I never realized how much my skin changed until I started receiving compliments from complete strangers. I love A'lavi.

Anne Paterson | Registered Nurse |

Being healthy internally and externally is my number one priority. I love that I can take care of my skin with the power of fruits and vegetables.

Samantha Owens | Certified Dietitian |

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