3 Ways to Oil Your Hair and Scalp

3 Ways to Oil Your Hair and Scalp

A'lavi Skin Care// November 14, 2019 // Let's Start at the Pore

Amarie Jenuswai

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Adding moisture to your scalp and hair can promote healthy hair and maintain your scalp health. Naturally dry scalp or over-cleansed scalps can be uncomfortable and cause dandruff. Oiling your scalp is a key step to stronger, healthier, and softer hair. 

Here’s three ways to oil your hair. 

1. Add your favorite oil to shampoo or conditioner. When you are washing your hair your cuticles and scalp roots open up ready to be cleansed and nourished. Oil can add necessary vitamins directly to your hair. 

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2. Part your hair into four large and equal sections. Part those sections into four equal sections. Lightly add oil unto the parted sections. Lastly, massage your scalp for 10 seconds to increase the absorption rate. 

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3. Try a hot oil treatment. Heat up two tablespoons of hair oil. Next, wet your hair, then add oil to your scalp. Massage your scalp for 10 seconds. Add the oil unto your hair starting from the ends of your hair and working your way up to the roots. Let oil stay on your hair for one day. Lastly, cleanse hair with a mild cowash, conditioner. 

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What's your favorite way to oil your hair? Leave a comment Below. 

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