What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

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  What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday started in the 1950s. Police officers is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania saw large crowds of shoppers flooding the city the day after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday the best deals imaginable are available which has caused a surge of shopping on this day. For example, that favorite but expensive lotion you crave throughout the sale may be on sale for half of the regular cost. 

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How’d it get its name?

Police officers in Philadelphia had an extremely hard time managing the large amount of people that would go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. There were traffic jams for hours due to this. This angered and saddened many because of the instant disappearance of Holiday Cheer. These officers started to refer to this day as Black Friday since such negative emotions were connected to it. 

Today, Black Friday is largely accepted and welcomed. As a matter of fact, it is the USA’s biggest shopping event of the year. 


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