Q&A with Vi

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Q: Why did you start A'lavi Skin? 

A: I was in the middle of having an extreme breakout and I tried everything possible to clear up my skin. I went as far as spending hundreds of dollars on any skin care product I could get my hands on because acne was something I never dealt with until my sophomore year in college. 

After wasting my money and time I decided to research and study natural ingredients and experimented with my skin for months until I found the perfect formulas. My skin cleared up and I decided to share it with the world. 

Q: I see that you have a travel theme for your brand. What made you combine the two? 

A: I love traveling and all of the emotions such as curiosity and excitement that surrounds it. My family would gather together and go on road trips every year which sparked my interest in travel and tourism.

I decided to bring that element to A'lavi Skin and sourced each product's key ingredient from its native country or continent. You may not have the luxury to travel but you'd be able to experience it through your skin. 

Q: You offer a very limited, well oddly small amount of products. Why?

A: I've realized that in order to offer the highest amount of quality to anyone, anywhere, at any time you would have to have a limited offering or "menu".  I can't be great at one thing if I am trying to spread my efforts widely across the board. 

However, the Made at Midnight Collection hosts over 10+ products. 

Q: Where is A'lavi Skin located?

A: At the moment we are based in Starkville, MS, home of Mississippi State University. 

Q: How long did it take for A'lavi Skin to takeoff?

A: Honestly, it was fairly quick. After three short months orders started pouring in. 

Q: What do you concentrate on the most when it comes to your business?

A: Quick processing, fast shipping, product effectiveness, and branding. 

Q: Last question, what motives you everyday to keep going? 

A: Running a business is tough but my customers are honestly the ones that keeps me motivated. I love receiving emails, or messages about how my products has changed their lives and skin for the better. 

My ultimate goal is to provide relief and comfort when most needed. Acne can be distressing and sometimes disfiguring. So knowing that I made a difference in someone's life is heartwarming.