Aloe Cucumber & Lemon Squeeze: Face Wash

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Naturally cleanse your skin with hydrating aloe, non-drying cucumber, and acne-fighting lemon. Enjoy a fresh face every morning and night.
  • Scent: Honeydew Aloe
  • Size: 4 oz


        Africa is home of the popular Aloe Vera plant. Each face wash is infused with raw Aloe due to its globally recognized healing properties. 

        aloe vera

        Castile Soap. Purified Water, Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber Water, Lemon Oil, Lemon extract, Lemon water, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil. 


        Natural Preservatives: 

        • Citric acid (lemons & limes)
        • Sorbic acid (Rowan Tree Berries)
        • Glycernin (Coconut Oil)
        • Saliciyic acid (Willow tree bark)
        • Benzoyl Alcohol (Jasmine & Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils)


        1. Wet face with warm water.
        2. Apply quarter-sized amount of cleanser wash unto fingertips.
        3. Massage cleanser wash into gentle circular motions on face.
        4. Rinse face with cool water.
        5. Pat skin dry with washcloth or paper towel.
        6. Follow-up with a moisturizer.

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